Create a form for free. Next, choose the subscription for your account. The plans are designed to meet different needs and budgets, and unlock different possibilities.
$9.1 per month
when billed annually, or $13 when billed monthly
  • 20 forms
  • 200 responses per month
  • 50 elements per form
  • 50 000 views per month
  • 10 pages per form
  • built-in statistics
  • advanced calculations
  • element styling
  • no stepFORM copyright
  • premium support
  • file uploads
  • CRM integration
  • CSV and XLSX export
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$16.8 per month
when billed annually, or $24 when billed monthly
  • 50 forms
  • 1 000 responses per month
  • 200 elements per form
  • 100 000 views per month
  • 50 pages per form
  • built-in statistics
  • advanced calculations
  • element styling
  • no stepFORM copyright
  • premium support
  • file uploads
  • CRM integration
  • CSV and XLSX export
  • built-in payment systems
  • auto backups
  • custom HTML code integration
  • shopping cart
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  • Pay Only for Features You Really Need
  • if you are a freelancer or company looking for exclusive terms
  • 5 forms
  • up to 3 steps per form
  • 50 responses per month

All subscriptions include:

  • Visual builder
  • Mobile-friendly view
  • Email notifications
  • Calculation
  • SSL encryption
  • Anti-spam protection
All Features
$9.1 / month
when billed annually,
or $13 when billed monthly
$16.8 / month
when billed annually,
or $24 when billed monthly
Number of forms
Maximum number of forms per account
Number of responses
Maximum number of responses (leads) you can receive per month
50 per month
200 per month
1 000 per month
Number of elements
The maximum number of elements (widgets) that you can add to a form
Number of views
The maximum number of unique visits to a form per month
5 000 per month
50 000 per month
100 000 per month
Number of form pages
Maximum number of pages you can have per form
Logic Jumps
Create a custom path through the survey that varies based on your respondent's answers
Advanced calculation features
Additional functionality, the possibility to add more than three conditions
No stepFORM copyright
Enjoy forms without stepFORM brand ads
Premium Support
Get faster support from our experts with an online chat
Built-in analytics
Track statistics and goals using Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica
Payment system integration
Add payment systems so that your clients could buy products and services directly in the form
Auto backups
Restore your form to the earlier version
Disk space
Max disk space to upload files
100 MB
300 MB
Size of uploaded files
Max file size in the File widget
10 MB
30 MB
Responses and reports
Sort responses and reports
Export to CSV / Excel
Export responses to CSV and XLSX
View responses
View responses on the form dashboard
Print out responses
Print out graphs, responses and reports
Notifications and integrations
Email notifications
Send orders to form admin via email
Telegram notifications
Send orders to form admin via Telegram
Sending WebHooks
Sending data to a third-party server
Mass notifications
Maximum notification recipients
Configure email templates
Customize the appearance and content of emails sent to customers
text and variables
text and variables
text and variables
HTML code support in emails
Your users will be automatically emailed after submitting the form
Google Analytics Integration
Connection of statistics and goals to Google Analytics
SendPulse integration
Forwarding responses to SendPulse
Bitrix24 integration
Forwarding responses to Bitrix24
Radio button
Allows selecting only one answer
Allows selecting multiple answers
Choose images
Allows selecting one or multiple images
Drop-down list
Displays a list with the specified data
The choice of values in a certain range with the option to specify a step
Evaluation of qualitative characteristics of something
Text input
Users can enter text information here
Digital input
Users can enter numbers here
Users can enter phone numbers here
Users can enter emails here
Date and time
Users can enter time and date here
To upload files to the form
Enable calculations in the form
Upload images to the form
Display the text in the form to inform users about something
To add the current configuration to the basket
Custom HTML code
Add your custom code to the form
Anti-spam protection
Protection against click fraud, ads and virus content
Required field
Configure widgets as required and collect the most important information from your prospects
Protection against click fraud, ads and virus content
SSL encryption
Data encryption using Secure Sockets Layer protects your form and its visitors. Also, forms with an enabled SSL certificate rank better in Google search results.
Your forms look great on tablets and mobile devices
Fine-tune colors
Customize colors and form backgrounds: colors for widgets, texts and headings, as well as backgrounds for fields, forms and pages
Font collection
Choose from over 40 available font options
Background image
Upload a custom background image, position it as you think fit, use color overlay and opacity options, and set up the desired image size and repetition pattern
Full control over CSS
Configure your form design to look exceptional and unique with the help of CSS code

Questions & Answers

Can I use stepFORM before buying a plan?

Absolutely! As a new user, you can enjoy a 7-day try-before-you-buy free trial on the Beginner subscription.

For how long can I buy a plan?

You can buy a plan for a month or a year. When buying a subscription for a year you can take advantage of the 30% discount.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your current subscription at any time. The remaining funds for the unused period will be applied to the new plan of your choice.

On which platforms can I use the forms?

On any platform where it's possible to embed code. Alternatively, you can use your form on social media, messengers and ad campaigns.

How does stepFORM count monthly visits?

We calculate monthly visitors as the total of unique daily visits per month. Thus, several visits by the same person in one day are considered as one visit.

How does stepFORM support clients?

We provide quick assistance via email for premium users.