Instagram Poll Builder

17 question types, SMS and email notifications, multiple choice, analytics, online payment for goods and services

Why You May Need a Poll

  • Engagement

    This is one of the formats of communication, any audience likes polls

  • Gather Contacts

    Built-in Instagram polls in stories can’t collect customer contacts, while stepFORM can

  • Online Payments

    Sell your products and services via polls. You just need to configure the settings

  • Advertising

    Increase sales and number of orders through your Instagram account

  • Collecting Opinions

    Get real feedback from your audience without calls or DM

  • Emotions

    Impress your subscribers with interesting polls and bring them good vibes

Polls Are Perfect For



and Building




and Building



Freelancers and Developers

They can create custom polls and increase sales

How to Add a Poll to Instagram


Build Your Poll

Create your own set of questions from scratch or based on ready-made templates


Share the Link

You can place the link wherever you want: in your profile, DM, or stories


Receive Responses

Collect contact information and send out notifications



Forms can be easily connected to external analytics services, responses can be exported



Instagram is a popular platform, and stepFORM polls can help you make it more profitable

Poll Features

  • Visual Editor

    Anyone can learn to create forms, no special skills are required

  • Elements

    With 17 elements, you can build a poll for any purpose

  • Over 90 Templates

    Ready-made forms for various tasks: no need to create a poll from scratch

  • Direct Link

    No need to embed polls into the site – it’s all completely autonomous

  • Mobile-Fiendly

    All your quizzes, polls, surveys, and calculators will look great on different devices

  • Notifications

    Customers will be able to receive SMS and email notifications. The form owners can use Telegram notifications and webhooks

  • HTML and Scripts

    You can embed your code not only in forms, but also in email templates/notifications

  • Online Payments

    stepFORM provides integration with the most popular payment services

  • Calculations

    Formulas of any complexity can be used. You don't need to be a programmer to set up the calculation

  • Logic Jumps

    Each previous client’s step or action can influence the following poll questions

  • Design Settings

    Change the background, font styles, color schemes, and themes. If you are a pro user, take advantage of CSS

  • Integrations

    Connect external CRM systems, analytics, notifications, and other services in a few clicks

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