Mora Than Just a
Multipurpose Landing Page

Spread the word about your products and services, inform clients about upcoming events, sign them up for your workshops, and collect payments


All features necessary for creating a micro landing page and multiple links are at your fingertips

Красивые шаблоны

Beautiful templates

Add a few personal touches, and your landing page with a multiple link is ready in under 10 minutes. It's fast and easy, even a baby can handle it.

Серверы в РФ

GDPR Compliant

Here at stepFORM, we are fully compliant with the existing GDPR regulations and guarantee the security of collection and processing of personal information.

Большой выбор блоков

Wide Range of Blocks

To your landing page you can add maps, texts, images, files, forms, buttons, product cards, and even custom HTML code.

QR и короткие ссылки

QR Code and Short Links

Share your contact details in the way convenient to your clients: using QR codes or short links.

Учёт статистики

Track Statistics

The system automatically calculates the number of clicks and conversion rate. Plus, you can connect external analytical tools.

Сбор данных из форм

Gather Details from Forms

The builder collects and stores the information provided to you by your clients in the forms. You can download this data in the spreadsheet format.

Powerful Builder

The builder comes with everything you need to craft a mini site, online promo site, QR code, web form, online calculator, or deep link under one roof.

Домены сервиса

Themed Domains

Browse the collection of themed domains for your type of business to create a micro landing page or deep links.

Свой адрес ссылки

Custom Link Address

Instead of a random combination of characters, you can set a memorable address for your micro landing page or deep link.

Ссылки на приложения

App Link

Use direct links to refer users to smartphone apps. For example, instagram://user?username or phone:

Свой копирайт

Your Own Brand

To make your company name stick in people's heads, replace our default copyright with your own brand name.

Отключаемый копирайт

Disable stepFORM Copyright

Activate the paid subscription and get the opportunity to disable the stepFORM copyright.

Статистика кликов

Click Statistics

Get access to advanced statistics on views and clicks for each page and link.

Свой фон

Custom Background

You can set solid colors, gradient colors, images, and even videos as your background.

Показ кнопок по времени

Time-Sensitive Buttons

You can switсh off the display of buttons for the particular period of time, for example, during non-working hours of your company.

Всё для SEO

All Set for SEO

Make use of meta tags Title and Description, your own favicon, special tags for the correct display on social media, site indexing, and other cool features!

Свои UTM-метки

Custom UTM Tags

Enjoy the convenient management of additional parameters — UTM tags — for all your links.

Выбор шрифтов

Font Library

In the builder, you can find a rich library of ready-to-use web fonts you may want to use in your works.

Защитный пароль

Password Protection

Protect your deep links and micro landing pages from prying eyes using passwords.

Уведомление о конфиденциальности

Privacy Notice

Protect pages with sensitive information on your site with a privacy notice.

Перенаправление / редирект

Redirect Visitors

You may want to automatically redirect visitors from your site to another address.

Свой CSS стиль и JS-код

Custom CSS & JS Code

The design of your site pages can be deeply customized by using your own CSS styles and JS scripts.

Доступ к API

Access to API

You can easily automate your work with our builder by involving API.

What's Inside the Builder?

Take advantage of our template collection — choose a ready-made design and customize it. Or create your multiple landing page from scratch.

Multiple Links

Unlimited Links and Landing Pages

Create as many links and landing pages as you want. The sky is the limit. Also, we don't restrict you in the number of blocks you would like to use.

Любое количество ссылок и микролендингов

Convenient Communication

Add smart messenger chat buttons to your landing pages. When clicked, these buttons will take visitors directly to the app where they can start a conversation.

Общение в удобном формате форму
Social Media

Direct Access to Social Network

There's no need to go the long way and make additional clicks. Forward your visitors directly to social media accounts with the help of buttons.

Прямые открытия приложений
Micro Landing Page

Effective Online Promo Sites

Multiple links, aka micro landing pages, may serve as a more convenient alternative to standard online promo sites. Our builder offers everything you may need: QR code generator, links to VCard contacts, statistics module with click and open rates, blocks for adding videos, images, files, music, social media posts, and other elements.

Максимально эффективные онлайн-визитки
Deep Links

Beautiful Short Links

Short links don't necessarily need to look like gibberish. Our builder of deep links allows setting up nice-looking addresses. The platform does all the job for you: accounts clicks and provides you with the detailed statistics on user activity.

Красивые короткие ссылки
QR Codes

QR Code Builder

Create more than just a plain QR code. Let your imagination run wild: style graphical elements, add logos, choose colors, background, adjust the size, and other parameters.

Конструктор QR кодов


Make use of the comprehensive toolset to improve the visual and functional elements of your micro landing page. Make your landing pages, promo sites, and multiple links stand out from the crowd.

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Свои домены

Custom Domains

Connect your own domain names to micro landing pages and deep links. The support of HTTPS is automatically enabled.

Тонкие настройки дизайна

Advanced Design Settings

Bring your creative ideas to life by changing backgrounds, themes, color schemes, and fonts, as well as by using custom CSS styles and JS scripts. On top of this, you may want to add blocks with custom HTML code.

Аналитика и пиксели

Analytics and Pixels

Not only can you add codes of external analytical systems to your landing pages, but also use social media pixels, thus receiving all the necessary information about your clients.

Track Statistics on Dashboard

View statistics on visits, clicks, and visitors in a convenient and intuitive format with graphs and diagrams. Key metrics are collected by the builder automatically without adding external codes.

Set of Widgets for Any Task

We tried to foresee all possible scenarios and created a collection of ready-made blocks for virtually any purpose: buttons, links, headers, texts, pictures, files, online maps, posts from social networks, videos, graphs, music tracks, charts, scrolling text banners, sliders, pop-up windows, and more!

With their help, you can quickly and easily craft your desired micro landing page, as well as multiple link site with the functionality you need.

Blocks are easy to duplicate, move, and hide from display. In the advanced settings, you can specify the time and country where your site can be accessed, as well as the type of device, operating system, and browser language.

Choose the Plan That Best Fits Your Needs

The Free Plan is designed for beginners who want to test their ideas. You may use this subscription option as long as you need.

The Pro Plan payment is billed once a month or annually.


Micro landing pages: 3, Blocks per page: ∞, Deep links: 5, Folders: 3, Tracking pixels: 3, QR codes: 10, All blocks and buttons, Custom domains: 1

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Unlimited number of: Micro landing pages Blocks per page Deep links Folders, Tracking pixels QR codes Blocks and buttons Lifetime statistics Custom domains

20$ / year
Activate Plan

Ready-Made Templates for Micro Landing Pages

Using ready-made designs is a great starting point to get to know the platform. You can customize pre-designed templates for your needs or bring your ideas to life using a blank form.

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Готовые шаблоны для микро-лендингов

It takes only 5 minutes And you'll have your own micro landing page

It's totally free. No programming skills are required. And you can use the Free Plan as long as you need.

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Буквально 5 минут И у вас будет свой микролендинг