Test Builder

Create a unique test in just 10 minutes with the handy stepFORM builder! Ready-made templates and elements, data collection, and integrations

What You Get with Online Tests

  • Fast Feedback

    Get feedback from your customers, segment your audience

  • Conversion Rates

    Tests and surveys are easily converted into online forms for data collection and payment

  • Boosting Sales

    Understanding customer interests is the key to effective sales

  • Improve SEO

    Forms increase the time spent on the site and improve behavioral factors

  • Collect Contacts

    Keep your subscriber base full of truly active users

  • Interaction

    Interactive forms are a convenient way to communicate with your audience

What Businesses Can Benefit from Online Tests

Sales and
online stores



HR managers
and recruiters

Sales and
online stores



HR managers
and recruiters

And especially:

Freelancers and webmasters

Create custom surveys and tests for your clients

Just 5 steps to Run Your Test


Create a Form

For this, we have a handy editor and a large library of ready-made templates


Share the Test

The form code can be added to any site, and you can share a direct link


Collect Responses

All results are saved on the dashboard. You can set notifications


Analyze Data

Review data you get online or after uploading it to your PC. Connect external analytics, if needed



It’s up to you what to do with the results! For example, you can segment your audience

stepFORM Test Features

  • User-Friendly Editor

    You can handle it even if you are a newbie. No special knowledge required

  • Ready-Made Elements

    17 types: single and multiple choices, numeric and text input, files, images, etc.

  • Random Order

    Questions can be automatically shuffled, users can add their answers

  • Easy Access

    You can share a direct link to the test in messengers and social networks or embed the form on your website

  • Responsive Design

    Your online tests will work on any device. You don't need to modify anything to make it work

  • Notifications

    The builder can send notifications by email, SMS, Telegram, webhooks

  • Custom HTML

    You can insert custom code and scripts not only in test forms but also in email messages

  • Online Payments

    If necessary, add online payment options in the forms

  • Formulas and Calculations

    Almost any mathematical function can be used, and the formulas can be of any complexity

  • Logic Jumps

    Set up logic jumps with different conditions and combinations

  • Styling

    You can change color schemes, themes, font styles, and even CSS

  • CRM and Analytics

    Connect external tools and services. Increase the efficiency of your tests

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