Step #1. Install the stepFORM plugin

    In the admin panel of your WordPress site, go to"Plugins" and enter stepFORM into the search field. After that, install and run the plugin.

    If you didn’t find the plugin, go to the official Wordpress catalog and download it. Next, upload the archive manually using the "Upload plugin" button and install it.

    Step #2. Connect your account

    In the left menu, click on "stepFORM" and then on "Connect account". Next, follow the instructions on the page.

    Step #3. Add the form to the site page

    Go to the page for adding or editing and click on the "stepFORM" button in the editor.

    In the window that will appear, choose the form from the list and click on the "Apply" button.

    The operator for displaying the form will be pasted into the editor and the form will be connected.

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