Connecting Statistics and Goals in Google Analytics

    Collecting statistics

    Open the needed form on stepFORM and navigate to "Settings" — "Google Analytics" and enter the tracking ID.

    You can find the tracking ID in your Google Analytics account.

    You will also need to specify the direct link to your form on stepFORM.

    To get the direct link to your form, go to the "Share" ab and copy the link there.

    And that’s it! You’re all set in terms of statistics.

    Connecting goals

    To connect goals, you need to be a holder of the Profi subscription plan.

    To begin with, you need to create a "Custom" goal in your Google Analytics account.

    Click on "Goal+", and choose "Custom" at the next step.

    After that, choose "Event"

    Next, fill out the "Category" and "Action", fields and save the goal.

    So, Google Analytics is fully configured. Now, get back to your stepFORM account and add the "Code" element with the following snippet to the form:

    $('.layer-send').click(function() { 
    gtag('event', 'stepFORM', { 'event_category': 'form', 'event_action': 'submit', });


    "stepFORM" is any name

    "form" — is a category

    "submit" — is an action

    The goal setup is complete now. Enjoy the results!

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