Business Surveys

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Sooner or later in our business life we come across the need of collecting information about clients…

But did you know that this situation can be easily handled using a survey, as it can be published not only on websites, but also shared on social media and via a direct link, which will significantly increase the outreach and the flow of new visitors to your site. So many benefits. But, all right, well, first things first!

Why One Needs to Use Surveys in Their Business?

First of all, they are necessary to identify the needs of potential customers. With their help, you can solve two tasks at once:

  • to identify customer needs
  • get their contact information

Having a survey on the website or distributing it online, you will receive more and more information and contacts from potential customers, and already knowing what customers need, who they are and having their contact information you can offer them exactly what they are looking for 😊

Among other things, the survey will save you time, you won't have to search for clients, message everyone and hope for an answer, through the survey you will receive only target client data, which is another plus.

What Should a Good Survey Contain?

First of all, it is worth remembering that it’s not a good idea to extend a survey to a hundred questions, getting the lowdown on the client. Instead, you need to focus only on the most necessary, namely:

  • receiving the client's contacts (email or phone number)
  • finding out from the client what she likes and dislikes the most (in a product or company)

By obtaining this data, you will be able to meet the client's needs by providing her with what she likes and solve the problem with what the client doesn’t like. This way, you will get a satisfied client and income, and when the number of responses to the survey is sufficient, you will be able to analyze and identify your best and worst sides to be corrected.

Where Can a Survey Be Used?

Anyway, where can surveys be used and through which channels can they be distributed to increase customer traffic? It's very simple, you can use and distribute it anywhere, for example:

  • on your website
  • on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • messengers (Skype, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp)
  • in email newsletters
  • advertising campaigns (Google Adwords)

To Sum Up

Creating a survey will help you attract new clients to a site and collect information on them. A survey will also give your business a competitive edge, improve your traffic, save time and expand your audience outreach.

If you are not a happy owner of a good survey yet, we recommend that you try creating one right now. With the help of stepFORM builders you can craft a survey in no time and immediately add it to your site or share it with a direct link 👍